join el barrio's open stage!

Every Sunday 6-9pm! 


Do I need to bring my own gear?

Yes, you need to bring your own musical instruments.

Can the venue provide a microphone?

Yes, we have one onsite you can use.

Does the venue provide a mixer? Yes, we have a 12 channel mixer.

What types of performers are you looking for?

We know there is a lot of amazing talent out there, so we are open to anything from music, dancing, and skits, to comedy, poetry, and magic.

How long can I perform for? You can either pick a 30-minute slot or a double session for an hour. 

Can I perform in a group or by myself?

You can perform by yourself, or in a group.

What is the expected level? 

Absolutely all levels and abilities are welcome!

I want to find some other musicians but don't know where to look?

Don't worry- we have plenty of musicians in our El Barrio Community! Feel free to post on our Facebook page and see who else is keen to form a group.



We have a high-quality JBL sound system sound rig. Installed and managed by

Marcus Wilson of Audio Analysis. 

Technical questions

JBL 2226 double 15inch sub boxes x 2 

JBL EON 615 x 3 Mids/highs front of house

2 x JBL EON 610- 10inch monitors 

12 channel mixer 

1 x 2 channel pioneer DJM300 

1 x 4 channel pioneer DJM 800 

2 x Pioneer CDJ2000 


1 x projector and screen. HMDI 


Note: BYO mics/ stands / DI / Effects 




35 Dixon Street, Wellington, NZ

Tel: (04) 333 0261




  • Monday -Closed

  • Tuesday -4pm - 10pm

  • Wednesday -4pm-11pm

  • Thursday 14pm-12am

  • Friday -4pm-4am

  • Saturday -4pm-4am

  • Sunday 4pm-9pm